Tuscan style custom homes in the San Antonio area bring an Italian flare to the neighborhood.  The outside usually is made up of Stucco walls with few stone details.  The walls tend to be tall and rectangular and have overhangs that are dark stained exposed rafters.  The tail end of the rafters will have some type of detail cut into them.  The windows can be a combination of flattop and arched designs and are usually one opening per wall.  Metal boxes under the sill always add a lot of charm.  Roof material is most always a barrel tile roof with a medium pitch and terra cotta in color with other colors mixed in.

On the inside the homes will have dark stained or painted wood details along with arched toped doors.  Natural stones are placed in patterns on the floors and walls of showers and detailed areas.  Kitchens are usually not opened to the living area and the homes can be spread out in a lineal fashion.  Color is used inside to create an open and bright feeling. The outside will usually have breezeways with courtyards and straight lined pools.