Like a true classic, Character House Homes have depth beyond a first read. Our homes invite, indeed reward, closer scrutiny. The quality of the materials used throughout the home encourage you to touch as well as gaze.

Attention to detail is obvious everywhere you look and touch, from the intricate details of the exterior elevations to the elegant finishing touches of the kitchen. Each of these details is a microcosm of the care devoted to the home in its entirety: each reflects the character and craftsmanship that exemplify Character House Homes.

In our homes, dominating themes interact with complementary accents, creating a tapestry of color and texture, visual as well as tactile elegance. The warmth of wood and hand selected tile reflect Character House heritage.

Custom features available in a full palette of colors and choices, including several exclusive combinations, will define a luxurious interior and add a custom touch to your Character House Home. Once you own a Character House Home, you’ll never see the world the same way again. As an owner, you’ll be transformed to a higher level where opportunities for adventure will make life everything you dreamed of. From the beginning Character House will take you through the home building experience one step at a time creating truly precise expectations along the way.

Our custom home building expertise provides you with the right style of home both inside and out. We custom tailor homes to our clients lifestyle and future needs without sacrificing the true elegance of the final product. All of this, of course, is a supplement to the inherent advantages of owning one of our truly custom homes. When the dust has settled, the bills have been paid and the information from the past has been analyzed the true reason for building a Character House Home will rise to the top. More than anything, after building custom homes for 16 years our past success only serves as a successful audit of our home building capabilities.



Character House has continually sharpened its skills in the homebuilding industry by contracting with the best framers, electricians, plumbers, HVAC companies, trimmers and painters to name a small few. While each of these professionals add to the overall quality and integrity of our homes, in aggregate, the whole is greater that the sum of its parts.

Kevin Seilhan

Kevin Seilhan graduated from Louisiana State University in 1989 with a degree in Finance. He began his homebuilding career in north Houston with one of the nation’s largest homebuilders. During this time Kevin completed many homebuilding, extended education courses provided by the Houston Builders Association and the National Homebuilders Association.

Kevin developed a strong foundation in homebuilding by constructing over 150 new homes in several communities. After working in Houston for five years Kevin moved to San Antonio in 1994 to work with Scot Felder Homes. Kevin began building larger, semi-custom homes in the northeast part of San Antonio. In 1996 Kevin was offered a position with newly formed Medallion Homes in San Antonio. After working with progressively smaller builders, Kevin started Character House, his own custom home construction company in 1997.

Kevin’s homebuilding experience includes a wide range of home designs. His work with large builders exposed him to a variety of quality processes that are the foundation of great home building in the United States. As his career progressed his interests moved him towards smaller builders and closer to the home owner. That’s why Kevin leveraged his broad experience and interest in working directly with the home owner and started his own homebuilding company.

The variety of homebuilding styles Kevin became familiar with in his eight years of corporate experience helped define the principles that he has embedded in Character House. His mantra is “you can standardize quality without standardizing design.” By using different guidelines and styling for each home, Character House builds originality into each home that represents the style of the homeowner, not the homebuilder. In San Antonio you can meet homeowners who have experienced first hand the principles of custom/quality construction, the Character House way.