Austin Modern homes in the area provide an owner with an open floor plan that still has traces of Texas Hill country details and traditional aspects of the area.

The outside usually has a combination of stone and stucco with colored metal roofs with medium roof pitches.  Windows will often have canopy type overhangs with solid wood or steel bracket supports.  Most stone work will incorporate straight lines in varying patterns.  Exterior colors will vary on the tan and brown scale. The design of windows are often large mulled units that create relatively square patterns.

On the inside the home will have light colors around modern doors and clean line base and crowns.  Cabinets are simply detailed and stretch high to the ceilings in backdrop areas.  Lots of natural stones for walls and backsplash with porcelain tile floors that mimic wood or natural stones.  The view portions of the home will incorporate large glass walls that overlook the back living area and take advantage of porch overhangs for less heat infiltration.

The outside landscape will usually consists of water conserving plants mixed in with natural rock and small amounts of drought tolerant grass.