Modern Contemporary homes in the San Antonio, TX area are becoming much more popular in the past 4 years.  

This style seams to lean towards the truly traditional styles most people associate with modern.  The outside consists of single pitched roof lines that are relatively flat and covered with metal standing seam materials. Windows are clear pane glass that are square and rectangular in shape and often high on the walls to allow for light into the room but no views from outside.

On the inside they consist of straight lines, high sloped ceilings and minimal details.  The concept is to simplify the environment of the inhabitants in order to keep what the eye sees at a minimum. Colors are light and often grey with natural stone running in a simple horizontal or vertical pattern.  Kitchens are open and often take up a corner of the larger room they are situated in. Cabinets consist of smooth panel doors with solid surface counters. The floorpan layout is always designed to minimize or remove hallways if possible.

The outside of the home is either all stucco or a slight combination of stucco and some stone in vertical pattern. Exterior landscape, like the home, can be very minimalistic to keep the current surrounds of the natural landscape in tack. Water conserving plants and rainwater capture systems are very prevalent in this design.