Spanish hacienda ranch style homes were very prevalent in the early days of San Antonio homebuilding.  They are usually all stucco exteriors with wide-open archways.  The colors are usually a white tones and little detail other than wall movement is used.  The roof overhangs are open tail rafters with dark stains below a medium pitched roof of barrel tile in the orange color range.  The windows are minimal and include many doorways.  These home often include courtyards, which become the focal point of the interior.  The interior ceilings are usually vaulted upward to the center of the room and areas of flat ceiling with have exposed wood beams.  Tile can often be Spanish terra cotta tiles with large grout joints and shinny finishes.  The cabinets are usually rustic and have many open spaces that show off the bright colored dishes and utensils.  Landscaping uses lots of rocks and minimally grassed areas with old style rectangular pools.